Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowdrops are opening in the Spring sunshine, swathes of golden daffodils line the drive and everywhere the sun is cheering up the landscape and the wildlife.  Busy getting all the cottages ready for the new 2013 visitors, all new crisp white linens, brand new pillows and duvets, oak floors burnished and paintwork refinished.  5 stars are hard to win and standards must be of the highest to continue to achieve this accolade - we really love being here in the most delightful county of Carmarthenshire - heaven on earth.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan 2012

Hi Guys

I cannot believe where the time goes, what with Christmas and then everybody going down with the flu now before you know it Spring will be here. At the moment we have some great special offers running both at Torquay and Wales so grab yourself a bargain if you choose to stay in one of our lovely holiday cottages here on the farm enjoy peace, quiet, lovely walks, scenery and roaring log fires. If you want a lovely stay in the English Rivera then look no further click here to see for yourself.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wood burning fires

Hi guys

I have just realized that I keep saying guys when addressing everybody. This is a left over from living in the states as they always use this term so when I say guys I also mean you gals as well.

Yesterday was lovely sunny day so most went out walking, I happened to go down to the orchard and noticed that there was a plentiful supply of Raspberries so I told all our renters to go down and pick as many as they like. About 6 pm I was out shutting all the livestock in, so as the Fox would not get them and on walking back I noticed that all four chimneys were smoking away, the cozy smell of wood smoke filled the yard. There is nothing better than settling down to an evening beside a open log fire, so come and spend a few days at one of our Listed Heritage Cottages and enjoy life.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunny Saturday & Dug the dog

Its a beautiful sunny Saturday here in Carmathenshire. Wife is cooking a bit of roast beef, she has been out in the garden and picked all the veg and prepared it. I made her lay some brink pavers this morning and she has a spot of digging to do after she has cleared up from lunch. I made an excuse of having to do some important paperwork but in fact I been playing Sudoku on the computer as I do not like anything too physical myself.  Dug the dog has launched a new Dog Blog at its all about dog stuff written by a dog. He has just found out he is being promoted to head of marketing so will be doing some special offers now and again.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Suggle up beside the fire

Well you guys we have had some pretty bad weather this year but that has not stopped our holidaymakers as there is always plenty to see and do here on the farm. At this time of the year our renters snuggle up beside the log fire every night watching the telly or reading a book, have a lazy breakfast, go for a walk, have lunch, have a snooze, a quick once around the track ready for tea. Then repeat the whole process the next day, to some it might sound boring but its a damn good way to relax and just switch off from all the pressures we have to deal with on a normal day. There is nothing like the smell and warmth of a roaring log fire so book in now for a few days holiday

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mid September

This time of the year we are harvesting our produce especially the apples and lots of raspberries so we are eating them every night for tea with clotted cream from Devon. The renters in our holiday cottages have been lighting up the fire in the evenings as they say its a special treat to have a real open fire burning away.
Barley Cottage, Meadow Cottage and Wheatsheaf Cottage all have some vacancies throughout October so why not pay us a visit for a few days.

The walks around the farm and surrounding areas are outstanding, what is a better idea is to take a trek out to our local pub and back again. Not only does it have good ale but also the food is pretty damn good also.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wales for your holiday cottage

Wales. Sunrise on the estate.  Its a beautiful morning here on the farm with the sun shining, Dug the dog is doing his rounds barking at anything that moves. Spot the dog is relaxing, as for the rest of the livestock they are busy eating, I think the geese eat more grass than the sheep. 

The grass is still growing so will have to get wife out to speed around on the mower, typical woman when it comes to driving, everybody and everything has to get out of the way as she will be going flat out. The other day while I was sunbathing while she was mowing and going so fast I saw one of my 2 year old Apple trees prostrate on the ground with the mower flying right over the top of it. Spot thinks it safer to actually ride on the mower with her but I am not so sure about that train of thought.

As its such a lovely day I intend to read my newspaper and relax somewhat I will get the wife to feed the livestock, cut the grass and unload a couple of lorries I have coming to day. The boxes are not too heavy so she should manage OK. 

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